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So I started playing Runescape again recently! Oldschool of course because the new graphics are like... too good. It's disorienting. I'm also a sucker for nostalgia and the Oldschool servers are right in the sweetspot of the years I played as a youth.


One of the first things that happened, much to my surprise, was people showering me in gifts!? Gold, armour, food, it was incredible. I had to turn a few people away because my inventory was full.

This dude asked me how long I'd been playing. I was maybe level 3 at that point. I told him what was up - that I used to play more than a decade ago, that I lost my old account (rip in rest ;__;7) and felt like giving it another go. Almost everyone who gave me stuff just said, hey, if you keep playing, pay it forward.

I guess the people playing on Oldschool servers are all around my age or older. I can't imagine a reason to play Oldschool aside from nostalgia, except maybe a comically shitty PC. That means most of the people are really nice and chilled out and just sincerely having fun.

Like this guy, clearly doing what he loves. Fuck those trees UP, Wood Killaa

For what it's worth I was also doing what I love, grinding fishing levels so I can grind cooking levels later. Cooking in games has always been and will always be my jam, I used to hang around the Gnome Village making cocktails and battas for hours. I told myself I'm not going to buy a membership until I finish all the free to play quests, and gnome cooking is one of my biggest motivators.

Raftin'. Dunno how wise it is to go raftin' in a full suit of iron armour but I like living dangerously

At one point I got... basically the equivalent of a popup, an NPC teleported in next to me and offered me a sidequest, which turned out to be DRAGON SCHOOL???? I never saw this one back in the day, I'm not sure if I stopped playing before it was introduced or if I just never got it.

At some point in my mostly aimless wanderings between quests and fishing spots I made my way over to Falador, which was one of my main haunts back in the day, because of the Party Room. It used to be abslolutely bumpin' no matter what world you were on, but when I went it was empty! Maybe there are dedicated drop party worlds? I don't think I ever got anything spectacular from drop parties but they were so much fun, I miss them.

I hung around Draynor for a while too, mostly at the fishing spots and the stalls near the bank. I tried checking out the mansion but I got my shit absolutely kicked in so I'll have to sit on that quest for a while, oops. The world seems a lot smaller than it did when I was little... I remember Draynor being so far away from everything, but it's really not all that far from Lumbridge. I even got out to Karamja on my first or second day playing, that took me ages to get to on my old account. It's kinda weird seeing all this through an adult's eyes with the memory of seeing it through a child's.