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Dear Press Start Creator,

Hello! Sorry I'm a little late putting this up. I can't wait to see what you create! Please feel free to take my requests in whatever direction you please, or to use them as loose suggestions; all I ask is that you avoid my DNWs. Other than that, everything is fair game!
My general likes are:
-loving attention to food and the ritual surrounding it
-music and dancing
-canon divergence AUs
-close friendships and chosen families
Specific to art:
-characters interacting physically (dancing, kissing, hugging, snuggling together in their sleep, holding hands, even just standing back-to-back or shoulder-to-shoulder)
-warm and/or bright colours
-seeing how artists adapt characters to their own style
My DNWs are:
-Character death
-Hand injury


I will devour anything related to Wizardry like a starving animal, to be entirely honest. My favourite games are the first four! I adore the silly writing and the obvious love for Monty Python and the SCA, and I adore Werdna. I love how pompous and self-assured he is, and how childish and petty at the same time (trebor sux!) What exactly is his relationship with Trebor, and how did it get to be the way it is? I'd love insight into the Grandmaster ending of IV, where Werdna bathes away his evil past and finds peace through spiritual enlightenment. I'd also love some insight into the St. Trebor's Rump item. Like. What. I realize Trebor/Werdna is kinda skirting the RPF line, so feel free to leave out any romantic implications if that's not something you're comfortable touching on.

For art, I would love to see an interpretation of one or a few of the different floors of IV. The Temple of the Dreampainter especially is described in such a beautiful way, and I have a very vivid image of it in my head... but because of the magic of old graphics, I doubt anyone else imagines it the same way. Drawings of anything in the games – characters, enemies, floors, items – would send me absolutely over the moon!

Elite Beat Agents

Because this game has basically no canon around the Agents, one of my favourite things is seeing how people interpret the characters differently and how backstories and personalities differ between fanworks. On that note, a meta essay about anything in this series (the Agents'/Divas' personalities, the structure of the Agency, how the whole musical cheering thing actually works) would be an amazing read!

For Derek/Morris – these two have been my OTP since day one! I'm a sucker for domesticity in an established relationship for them, especially if their mundane day to day life together is made somewhat bizarre by their jobs as agents. My general like of dancing in fics originated with this pairing! Anything to do with moving to music together – dancing as part of a date night, sneaky flirting during practice, helping each other warm up or work on a routine – gets me right in the heart. I also really love them having pet names for each other! I like to imagine that during the Jumpin' Jack Flash finale, they were speaking to each other when they said “keep bringin' the singin', honey!”/”let's dance, baby!”

For Kahn – he has the most character development out of all the Agents and Divas, which also makes him the most mysterious character. He's a very serious looking former high-rank FBI agent... who owns at least a partial fursuit. What on earth is the deal with Mr. X? Where did he get the scar on his face that matches the one that Kai Doumeki from Ouendan has? Does he have just one loud Hawaiian shirt or is he an aficionado? What made him want to create the Agency?


For Jair & Yorick – Yorick was one of my favourite parts of the remake! I loved his rude personality (he probably hasn't had a conversation since before his death) and the way he and Jair interacted when you let him help out. I also adored the hints of Jair's somewhat dopey and sad personality that came through in the flavour text – he must be clever, to get through Shadowgate in one piece, but other things that he does suggests that he can be a little dim sometimes. His nickname is The Fool, for goodness' sake. I like to imagine they stayed together after the events of the game. Maybe Yorick becomes Jair's advisor in lordly matters? How did Yorick's skull come to be at Shadowgate in the first place?

For Lakmir and Talimar – I would love to know more about their relationship before the events of the game, and about their places within the Circle of Twelve. How did they come to meet? How deep does Lakmir's guilt about Talimar's actions go? Does Talimar feel any guilt for what he did? Did they ever venture into Shadowgate in the past, or have a hand in the ancient battles that you see the remains of?

For art specifically, I would absolutely love to see alternate interpretations of the old graphics. Characters, rooms, items, anything like that would be incredible to see!

I'm a fan of both versions of the game, the originals and the PC remake, so feel free to choose one or the other or mix and match as you see fit! I'm less familiar with the sequels but I know the basics of the lore, so feel free to incorporate them as well.


For Adol – One of my favourite parts of the Ys series is how it's been presented in the newer games, that the player is someone reading Adol's journals and feeling as if they were really there. I would love to read a piece of one of the actual journals, or a piece of a forged one. The subtitle of the PS2 Mask of the Sun remake, A New Theory, suggests that there's some debate over the journals – were some of them lost or damaged? What exactly are some of the other theories about? I'd also love to see Adol actually writing a journal, taking some time out of a dangerous and exciting adventure to clear his head and take notes on what's happened.

For Yunica – To be honest, I'd be delighted with anything about her! I adore her relationships with her father and with Feena. I like the fact that the brawny, hard-hitting character is a young woman, and I'd love to see something that takes into account the fact that Yunica must have some impressive strength to fight with an axe. In a somewhat similar vein to speculation about Adol's journals, I would love to see how history regards her as one of the Tovah bloodline. Were there stories passed down through the family about the woman knight who was friends with goddesses?

For Adol/Dogi – I love an opposites attract type of dynamic in ships, and Dogi and Adol are so totally different – big and boisterous, small and quiet, even their hair colours are opposites! I love how romantic the idea of adventuring into the unknown together is, and I like to imagine that they adventured together their whole lives. Anything about their journeys together would be fantastic – what is domestic life like when they're constantly on the move? Since they're from different places, do either of them struggle in climates that the other thrives in?

For art specifically, for any character, what does a calm and quiet moment look like? The series is so focused on fast and exciting gameplay and thrilling plots about legends and goddesses... but everyone needs to take a break sometimes.

Thank you so much for reading my letter, and thank you in advance for taking the time to make something for me! I hope you have a fantastic exchange!