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Sep. 23rd, 2017 12:53 pm
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Inhuman updated
patrons also got inks, but additionally - early access.
if you'd like access to comic pages three days early (wowie!) please check out my patreon. backing for any amount gets you that perk!

in other news i'm going to attempt to make it to the micro massachusetts furcon tonight. i'm not vending, just going to hang out and see the wonderful erin play the piano as she likes to do. but the con is raising money for the Trevor Project which, if you've never heard of them, are a crisis center/hotline for lgbt youth. that's a -really good- organization to raise money for, especially in these times. so if you're local, try to swing by the con and leave a little something in the charity basket!!

beyond that, the weather is nice and autumnal. oh, and if you're a coffee lover? try subscribing to rhetoric coffee. there's a bag coming with my art on it and the blend in it is really choice. ive had it iced, black, white, hot, sugar, no sugar and it's just. a really delish coffee.

and that... is all i have for you this week, my friends. next time i see you we'll be gettin SPOOKY.
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 Alright, so let me start by saying this show is plenty fun, though the location is difficult to get to. I'd rather travel down to Kisarazu the day before or make my husband go with me and drive to the venue than deal with the two buses and two trains from Chiba city, especially since the venue is on the beach, meaning away from the rest of civilization. My phone service was spotty at times, and it rained on and off due to an incoming typhoon, but I still enjoyed what I could see. 

I got off the shuttle bus to the venue at about doors open (9:00am). The line for the bracelets and then from there to the venue itself brought me to 10:15am. I had to get my bearings and find the main stage quickly for Kishidan's performance at 10:30. I got there as their intro VTR was playing, and spooked some people out around me by singing along, as the song was a (DJ OZMA) cover of the Ramones' "Rock n' Roll Radio" so a random girl shouting clearly in English got people staring already. Hahaha. 

I was too busy screaming and laughing at the jokes to catch the theme of the VTR. It seems It was like a "death and rebirth" theme, and that this year would be Kishidan's final year in this "phase", whatever that means. During their set, Show-yan mentioned something about their agent being abroad right now, which had a lot of the fans in the goods line chatting. They seemed surprised at the possibility of Kishidan going abroad, even though the "Samurai Spirit Suicide" DVD from 2004 had them in Texas and California. They performed at the SXSW festival that year. 

Their morning setlist: 

1. デリケートにキスして
3. 鉄のハート
4. バームクーヘン
5. One Night Carnival

They did do a bit of joking and interplay with the audience, and they came out in ridiculously patterned outfits, but with only 25 minutes, including the VTR intro and outro, they kind of used this performance as a warm-up for the audience and just to say "Welcome". Still very, very fun, and when Yukki came out and made an appearance during 鉄のハート, I squealed. He came out from a platform that was under the stage, and then he took over the drum kit, banging on it with his hands wildly. He eventually resigned to singing with Show-yan, leaving Akira Kano (the current drummer) to resume his position. 

After their performance, I took to the goods line, which ate up two hours of my day. I missed seeing Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Coldrain. I could hear them both from the line and at least sonically, they seemed great. One day, you guyssss! I bought a lot of goods and I am happy I brought a backpack. I bought a ton of stuff-- a shoulder bag with matching pouch, a hat, a t-shirt, a keychain, a rubber bracelet, and a box of Baumkuchen (Club Harie made it, which their Baumkuchen is amazing, and the Kishidan x Rascals decoration is adorable).

After making myself broke, I had an intermission (where I wandered around the grounds and filmed people dancing), and then I sat at the empty stage (the other stage had Momoiro Clover Z performing) and rested, playing with a stray cat and making a friend before MUCC came out. Oh my goodness... MUCC was really good when I saw them in Detroit 9 years ago with Atreyu and A7X, but it seems their performance skills get better with age. Their set had a theme too, they were playfully mocking Kishidan and were all "we're from Ibaraki!" and came out in the standard high school uniforms, except one of them came out on this crazy ratchet-y bicycle and Tatsurou, as he is famous for, came out barefoot. They rocked hard though. Their set was the most high energy I saw the whole day, and for the first time I saw a size-able mosh pit open up. I highly recommend seeing them live. 

After that, everything becomes a blur. I remember seeing a bit of SiM and Maximum the Hormone, and wandering around the venue and running into actual Ranma and not a cosplayer (but I was too shy to approach him)... and I saw HYDE without realizing it was him until someone else posted a selfie with him later on IG and I was like, "?!?!" Why were these rock stars just walking around? They'd get kidnapped if they did that in the US... 

Because of my work schedule in the AM, I knew if I wanted to get home at a reasonable time to get ready for bed I would need to leave before VAMPS and before Kishidan's closing performance, so After Maximum the Hormone's set, I have no idea what happened. The way the trains and buses lined up was less favorable coming home, and it took me nearly 3 hours to go from the venue to my house. I can't comment on food or drinks sold there as I brought my own snacks and ion water. People seemed friendly with each other, but mostly steered clear of me. Someone was kind enough to let me know VAMPS is playing in Makuhari (much closer to my house) for a Halloween Event next month if I really want to see them... I haven't decided if I will go or not  yet. Overall, I would say this show is only worth the steep ticket price if you are a diehard fan of at least 1-2 bands performing and generally like the rest. I am not a big fan of the girl groups, but I was shocked how many people were there to see them. I don't think I'll go again. I'd rather see Kishidan perform at a slightly smaller venue, even if it means I have to enter the fanclub.

Sorry for the Absence!

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:50 am
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I've been super super busy with work lately.

Also, I've been on a diet. I have lost 5kg in the past two months!




So, today I will clean the house, go to work, stop at the ATM, pick up groceries, go home, take the dog out, and prepare for bed because I will have to wake up at 5:30am to get ready and get to the venue by doors open (9:00am). I will try to buy some cute goods and make some friends and write a concert report in the days following. Actually, here is the Saturday lineup. (I will bold the artists I wanna see. Regular is main stage and Italic is side stage):

10:15~10:30 Jaguar
10:30~11:05 Kishidan (<--- the main reason I am going ofc)
11:10~11:35 Su-Xing-cyu
11:40~12:15 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
12:20~12:45 Coldrain (Idk them well but I follow Masato on IG so I may as well)
12:50~13:25 10-FEET
13:50~14:25 Momoiro Clover Z
14:30~14:55 MUCC (I saw these guys live 9 years ago in America, fun guys)
15:00~15:35 SiM
15:40~16:05 LiSA
16:10~16:45 Maximum the Hormone
16:50~17:15 DJ Dienoji
17:20~17:55 Dragon Ash
18:00~18:30 RIP SLYME (I only know one song but it's good so I'm curious)
18:35~19:15 VAMPS (My mom loves HYDE so this one is also a must for her sake)
19:20~19:50 Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku
19:55~20:35 Tomoyasu Hotei
(closing performance) Kishidan

I really wanna stay for the whole thing but I work early in the morning the next day, so depending on my exhaustion level, I will either stay for the whole day (and get home around 23:00), or leave near the end of/after VAMPS's set (and get home around (21:00). I do wanna see Kishidan's close for the day, but it might not happen, so I have to make sure I am there early enough for their first performance of the day.


After that, I will finally do Part 3 of my DJ OZMA translation and I have a few other things I wanna translate before the year ends, and it's already halfway through September...

Sorry to leave this page dead for so long. Cheers!


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